Custom SEO Website Designing

Fully customized Search engine friendly SEO website designing.

If you are looking to get a website to result in higher Google search results, then SEO website designing is for you. We can build a static SEO’ed website or dynamic SEO’ed website for you.

  • Keyword rich page titles ending with company name
  • Keywords in URL with no more than 1 dash and no variables
  • Keywords in sub-directories and page names
  • Navigation links as text, keywords in alt tags
  • Keywords in biggest headline H1 tags
  • Linking out to authoritative sites
  • Search Engine optimized (SEO’ed) page names and keywords
  • Important content with keywords in upper part of the page
  • Exact match text links to other pages on the site
  • Keywords and synonyms adjacent to text links
  • All content built into page, no frames, JavaScript, Ajax or flash embedded
  • Optimized image names and keywords in alt tags
  • Keywords in sectional headlines or H2 tags
  • Visible text on page ideally 250 words or more
  • Linking to related content for inter-linking strategy