Website Support

We don’t just provide you websites but we also provide full design and hosting website support. We stand behind all our customers. We only charge for major updates such as adding e-commerce (online store) features to your current site or add a blog or forum to your current website. All other support is free of cost as long as host our website.

Website Designing Support

  • Free minor website upgrades and fixes.
  • Free website script optimization to help your site load up faster.
  • Website addons – shopping carts, blogs, forums, counters, etc.
  • Password protecting specific links or directories.
  • Fix website access errors and any compatibility issues and fix it for you free of cost.
  • Moving website between registrars or move to sub domain or creating a new sub domains.
  • Content updates or page editions, if needed

Website Hosting Support

We fully manage your website hosting for you. We do not charge for minor issues like other companies, we only charge for major updates and changes. Our support is available 24x7x365 through Email or Phone System.