eCommerce Hosting Calgary

Does your website work?

Are you experiencing more frequent downtime or failures?

Websitexperts is here to provide eCommerce hosting to host your online store website. We can perform full analysis on your website and let you know exactly why you are having these issues with it. We provide complete solutions for all types of E-commerce websites. Our servers are powerful enough to handle your website load and bandwidth. Another plus is we do not limit the number of products you can list on your site or the storage space for your website so you are free to sell unlimited products through your website. We perform full website load testing and send you the full report which shows whats your website capable of handling. We want your website to stay up and running always so you don’t loose any sales.

Our Secure SSL certificates and Site Seal can make your website even secure and we will even display a secure seal on your website page so customers know that this is a legit website and they can trust it. If a website does not have a secure SSL certificate, 95% of the customers will not purchase stuff from that website. If you have your business certificate, your web browser bar turns green and customers know that this is a secure website.

Why host E-commerce with us