Our Strategy

1. Planning

We create a rough website sitemap and categorize all the information to be published on the website. This serves as a guide as to what content will be displayed on the website. We also suggest you about the technologies we can implement for your website such as interactive webpages, forms, flash content, banners, etc.

2. Branding

Here we will design a logo for your website and company and begin with your business identity where we can design your business cards, letter heads, etc.

3. Design & Development

Now is the time to start the website coding and creating all the webpages that will be on your website according to the sitemap we created in the planning phase. We will show you how your website will actually look on the web, with our test content which will be replaced by the content provided by you or we can get the content written for you.

4. Content Writing

You can provide us the content you want to be written on your website or if you don’t have the content or have little content for the website, we can get the content written for you by our professional writers. They also provide the keyword dense content so your website gets higher ranking in the search results on Google and other search engines.

5. Testing

After we have all the web pages coded and content put in them, we will test out the website and make sure that we took care of all the demands of our customer. We also test out the security on your website so its safe and no unauthorized person can gain access to the website or sensitive information.

6. Admin

This step is not available in the websites with static HTML designs, we will provide the easy to use admin or editor interface for our clients where they can easily login and add, delete or update content in the website later if needed. We will create user accounts for you to manage your content.

7. SEO

We optimize your website so its search engine friendly and that it gets indexed by all major search engines and that your website is displayed on the first page of the search results. We optimize the content to make sure there is enough keywords density and also optimize the title, keywords and other coding tags in the website. We will create a website sitemap that is understandable by search engines and they get an idea about what content is on your website.

8. Advertising

We will advertise your website on all major search engines such as Google, yahoo, etc and to all major directories such as yellow pages, 411. We will also start link building campaigns for your website which will boost the search engine ranking of your website and online visibility of your company. We will also setup Pay per click advertisement campaigns for your website.

9. Ranking & Reports

We will send out the complete SEO report for your website which will include all the information about search engine ranking of your website and its popularity. This report will be sent every month, and you will be able to compare the data yourself and you will be surprised to see your website availability on the internet which will result in more customers for your business.

10. Support

We support all our clients. We can setup Email accounts for your team. We provide support for our website coding and hosting and will resolve all the issues you may have in the future. We also provide free updates to our website scripts to make it look current. We resolve most of the issues within one business day guaranteed!